Roofing Little Rock, As the storm system passes, people will evaluate damage and begin the clean-up process. Roofing Redefined, LLC & the Better Business Bureau Serving Arkansas offers these tips for people who find themselves in need of repairs due to the severe weather specifically Roofing damages due to high winds and or hail.

1) Find a trustworthy contractor. Deal only with licensed and insured Roofing contractors near you. You can verify licensing information through the Arkansas Contractor’s Licensing Board. Go to to find a BBB Accredited business and to get multiple bids. Retain a copy of the final, signed contract before the job begins. Also check for proper insurance. Check their drivers license and see if they live in Arkansas. Many storm chasers come in and sell themselves as Arkansas business or use a failing business name to operate with during storms. Once they have installed your roof and are funded you will have a hard time ever seeing them again because they are off to the next storm in whatever State.

2) Beware of door-to-door solicitations. Sudden, severe storms can bring fly-by-night contractors to the area. Often these contractors solicit work door-to-door, have no license or contact information and require high upfront fees before beginning any work. BBB recommends researching the company before agreeing to have any work done.

3) Deductibles. Avoid scammers who offer free roofs with eating your deductibles (no money out of your pocket) or credits of hundreds of dollars for placing a sign in your yard. This is fraud. If a scammer is offering to eat your deductible what materials are they NOT putting on your house in order to make up for those needed funds? Remember they will make their profit first and what is left over will be what they buy materials with and beat down the labor who installs the roof, that deductible money is needed to build a proper quality roof and run a business. Most scammers will not be around if there are problems because they simply are in it for the money.

4) Avoid paying a large sum upfront. Resist dealing with any contractor who asks you to pay for the entire job upfront. A down payment is acceptable, but it should not be a significant amount of the total cost. Pay only by check or credit card – and pay the final amount only after the work is completed to your satisfaction. Avoid paying in cash.

5) Check your insurance policy for code enforcement. My biggest challenge in roof replacement is finding out a homeowner did not purchase the “code endorsement” on their home. Without code endorsement the insurance company is not required to pay for the added cost to bring your roof up to current code. This can cost hundreds of dollars depending on roof size.

6) Building to Code. One of the biggest misunderstanding is building to code. In Arkansas the Fire Marshall is a State Trooper who sets Statewide building code to follow. Despite what anyone says ALL Contractors by State law and by the Contractor’s Licensing Board are required to build to current approved code. As of this writing IRC 2012 is the approved code.

7) Is the Contractor Certified. Quality contractors are certified in the roofing system they install. Certified Contractors are able to offer extended Warranties. Non certified installers may be able to install a roof but have not be reviewed by the manufacturer. For best results find and check the website of the manufacturer to make sure the Contractor is in good standing and maintains their certification status.

8) Roofing Systems. There is way more to a roof than shingles. How do you know you are getting a proper roofing system? Insist on one manufacturer product on your roof and a complete roofing system that works together to complete both the code and Manufacturer Installation Instruction. This is super important if in the future you have issues and want the warranty to step in. If you mix manufactures they’re could be finger pointing and rejections of warranties. Extended manufacture warranties require a specific number of their products by a certified contractor. GAF is a high quality Roofing System.

Final Suggestion. These are such important requirements that are often missed by home owners, because in most cases homeowners only replace a roof once or twice in their life. Following these simple steps can help in a successful end result.

Bob Porto
Roofing Redefined, LLC

Bob Porto has been building homes in Chanel since 1997. Served as past President of the Arkansas Home Builders Association of Greater Little Rock.
Roofing Redefined, LLC is a service dedicated customer company focusing on“Passionately Improving Existing Roofs with Integrity”